Transferring a firearm is more complicated and commonplace than ever before. We are here to make the process as painless as possible.

Intra-State Intra-Familial: (inside the state, inside the family) transfers do not require the use of an FFL as of 07/01/2017. These transfers are limited from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild and both parties must be California residents. This does not include spouse to spouse, siblings to sibling, step children/parents, or cousins. Please see: Report of Operation of Law or Intra-Familial Firearm Transaction or can be processed online at  Fees: $19 payable to The State of California

Inter-State Intra-familial: (out of state, inside the family) transfers require the use of an FFL and we can facilitate this process. This process is normally used for heirloom firearms and legitimate gifts; please be aware that giving grandpa money to buy you a gun WILL BE considered a straw purchase and is a Federal crime. But if he is a really cool Grandpa, he will buy you that off-roster pistol you’ve been talking about for your birthday or Christmas. Yes, these type of transfers are Roster Exempt, but still require the 10-day wait. Please call to make arrangements. Fees: $100 Dealer Fee + $25 DROS (background check), payable to the dealer

Mail-Order/Internet Transfers: If we cannot provide the firearm you desire and you can locate the California compliant version at an outside vendor, we will be happy to accept the shipment and transfer the firearm into your name. These transfers are subject to The Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale if they are a pistol, double action revolver or derringer and all firearms require a 10-day wait. Please call to make arrangements. Fees: $100 Dealer Fee + $25 DROS (background check) + 7.25% Sales Tax of the vendors invoice.

Private Party Transfer: Is defined as a transfer between two California residents, when both present at an FFL.  Both parties must have a CADL or CAID. We will process these transfers during our normal business hours, but ask you to make an appointment if there are multiple guns involved. Fees: $10 Dealer Fee + $25 DROS (background check).  Additional firearms $10 each.  Please include a CA DOJ certified firearm safety device, or one will be provided for you for an additional $5 

Ammunition Transfers: We are not a participating ammunition transfer dealer, we do not have the capacity to handle this transaction.  Ammunition shipped to us in spite of this policy will be returned COD, and a handling fee of $50 per case will be added to your account.