The definition of ammunition, according to California Penal Code 16150, “ammunition” means one or more loaded cartridges consisting of a primed case, propellant, and with one or more projectiles. “Ammunition” does not include blanks.

     Starting July 1st, 2019, ammunition sold must have an ammunition eligibility check. In order to do any of these checks you need to have a California DL, ID, or are active duty military. If the California DL or ID is marked Federal Limits Apply then a Proof of Citizenship is required (list of acceptable proof of citizenship can be found at

     The easiest way to purchase ammunition is to add it to a delivery of a firearm. When picking up a firearm after the “cooling off” period we can add ammunition before we print the paperwork for the firearm. We will still need to enter the ammunition but there will be no state or ammunition eligibility fee in this instance.

     There are 3 types of checks Standard, Basic and Certificate of Eligibility. For all checks, after the approval we must report: the make, caliber and quantity of ammunition purchased. Once submitted and paperwork has been printed it is too late to add additional ammunition, another check will need to be submitted and the regular fees will be applied.

     STANDARD AMMUNITION ELIGIBILITY CHECK – To qualify for this category you need a firearm (caliber no longer matters) registered to the address you currently reside at. The standard check costs $1 to the state and the check is normally done instantly.

     BASIC AMMUNITION ELIGIBILITY CHECK – This eligibility check is for those that have recently moved or have had firearms from before registration of firearms began. When the eligibility check is submitted we will give you a copy with your Ammunition Transaction Number (ATN); you can check the status of this check at CFARS.DOJ.CA.GOV. Checking on the status will be your responsibility; the state does not inform us of the approval, the approval expires 30 days after the update. The basic check costs $19 and from previous sales this check can take anywhere from 15 min to a maximum of 30 days.

     CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION - California Certificate of Eligibility and a valid California DL or ID is required. Verification is instant and costs $1.

     TIPS & TRICKS: If you move, you can update your gun registration address at CFARS.DOJ.CA.GOV. It is unknown how long this takes. We recommend buying a new gun and registering it to your new address. Consider it a new housewarming tradition!

     DISCOUNTS: Bulk discounts still apply. Buy 10 boxes of any one SKU, receive a 10% discount. Buy 1000+ rounds of box ammo and receive a 20% discount. Certain bulk items are priced with these discounts already included.

     FEES: A small transaction fee of $10 will be assessed for all requests under $100. We cannot submit and maintain this paperwork for the margin on small sales.