Founded in 2012 to provide low cost, custom loaded ammunition for competition and hunting, we were still green during the gun rush following the Sandy Hook tragedy. We immediately sold out of any inventory on hand and were not able to resupply for nearly a year. 


 As time went on, and supply chains were reestablished, we were able to obtain powder, primers, brass, new equipment and bullets. By February 2014, we completed our new reloading room and resumed our gun show activities. 

(new reloading room, February 2014) 


 Over the course of the next two years, we expanded our product offering and gun show schedule until we were the largest vendor or reloading supplies at 30 gun shows annually.

(new display at The Costa Mesa Gun Show, March 30 2015) 


 On September 11 2015, we successfully took over the former location of Camarillo Shooters Supply and thanked Scott Ludwig for his decades of service to the gun owners of Camarillo and moved into the location he occupied at 1808 Ventura Blvd. While reloading will always be in our DNA, this acquisition has given us the opportunity to deal in more and more firearms. 

(Under New ownership, October 2015) 


Since then, we have had the pleasure of serving thousands of you with the widest selection of hundreds of firearms, a multitude of magazines, tons (literally) of ammunition, racks of accessories and the largest supply of reloading components in any store in California.